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Field Recording

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Live Session Recording


EPs & Albums

All Types of Instruments & Genres

CREATIVE Sound design​

Radio, Film, TV, Commercials, Apps, Games

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Pro Tools 12


Signal Processing

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Live Sound

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Creative Copywriting

Studio Session Video Documentary

We Monkey, You Rock.


At MonkeyRock we have a clear understanding of and pay close attention to the psychoacoustic properties of sound and music and firmly believe in the immensity of their power. Delivering a project is not merely a job, but rather an engaging creative process, which gives us a chance to bind these extraordinary elements to the vehicle that will help power… your project.

To us, efficiency is irrelevant if the outcome doesn’t emotionally trigger its purpose. Whether it’s a Radio or TV commercial, Post-Production for a full length movie, sonic branding, an original music composition for your business, or just a voiceover; we adopt a distinctive approach to create a stimulating aural experience for your audience.

But we’re not just magicians. We’re laid-back magicians. And for us to be able to put our powers to use, we need a laid-back environment, free of trivial distractions (except for the occasional PlayStation dash). We’ve therefore created an environment for ourselves at MonkeyRock, to chill, drink good coffee, focus, and express.


And whether we're working together or not, you are always welcome to drop by our little sanctuary and check out what we're up to.




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